Beagle’s Ready For Bed – His Nightly Routine Has The Internet


People are creatures of habit and many have a favorite side of the bed and cannot sleep anywhere else. Some absolutely cannot drift off to sleep without the fan on, while others must have the room completely dark. These quirks allow people to settle down for a good night’s sleep. So when a pair of pet owners spied their beagle Leroy exhibiting silly behavior at bedtime, they could not stop laughing at his bedtime routine. Thankfully, they videotaped it for all of us to enjoy.

We all have a special way we like to go to sleep, and Leroy is no different. This cute pooch has a special routine to fluffing the comforter and prepping it for bedtime. He spends at least 1.5 minutes getting ready. Mom and dad just stand there and watch as their beloved beagle destroys their bed trying to get it as comfortable as he can for himself.

As it turns out, most dogs love to dig and pull at their bedding and the ground as they get ready for bed. Dog experts believe that canines do this as a way to relax, claim their territory, and to help regulate their temperature.

Leroy must be staking his claim to the family bed, because he bulldozes directly under the blue comforter, nudges it with his nose, then drags it backward and flips it over repeatedly. Leroy continues wadding up the blanket in the middle of the bed, manipulating it, flipping it, rolling it, fluffing it and then he pauses. But in just a second or two, Leroy is right back at it, making his nest. He even uses his teeth to maneuver the reversible comforter. Finally, Leroy makes one last move before he settles down, which is just too darn cute! Watch Leroy’s hilarious bedtime routine in the video below and get a kick out of this crazy canine’s nighttime antics.