Big Dog Guards A Screaming Child, Then Grandma Looks At His Paws And Sees The Truth


German shepherd attacked the rattlesnake when she tried to bite the child of its owners. The incident occurred in Tampa, Florida. The owners of the dog have dubbed him “the perfect dog”. 7-year-old Molly De Luca was walking on the street, when suddenly came a rattlesnake.

Rattlesnakes are one of the most poisonous species in the world. Their bite becomes fatal in 75% of cases. Most often, children who have received a bite of a rattlesnake die almost instantly. However, this time Molly was lucky since I was their pet. A 2-year-old dog named house protected the girl from a predator by taking a snake bite.

When the incident occurred, the girl was in the backyard with her grandmother. Grandma Molly notes that neither she nor the girl saw the snake. Suddenly there was the house that ran toward the child. Molly was frightened, but the dog sped past her and threw himself in the grass.

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