Boxer Dog Totally Loses His Mind Over His Personal Water Fountain Toy. Have a Look.


On boxers goes a different rumor. Originally muscular athletes were used for baiting animals and in battles. But it’s long past: breeders have eliminated aggression, which was inherent in the ancestors of boxers. Although the sight of dogs is really formidable, they are not to be feared: behind a serious appearance is a kind heart. Representatives of this breed adore children, they are devoted to their owner.

It is easy to care for a boxer, but it is important to ensure the release of his irrepressible energy. Looking at a powerful boxer, it’s hard to believe that he loves to play. But this is so: even in old age, the dog will not give up the joint merriment with the owner. Meet a boxer Lucy on the video below.

What else to do when it is boring! Of course, to find yourself a new game. This adorable and fun-loving dog is having a ball with her new water fountain. It’s impossible to look at her without a smile. For all boxer’s ‘foolishness’ with family members, this breed at the moment of danger is transformed into a fearless defender. Judging by the reviews of the dog boxer, the owners appreciate the pets of this breed for their ‘versatility’.

A boxer can become a nanny, a companion, a security guard, and a ‘colleague’ in the service. Well-built dogs with strength and stamina are often ‘summoned’ to serve in the army and the police. Boxers have a strong nervous system, they are balanced, which allows them to be used as guides for the blind.

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