Bringing Home 92 Military Dogs From Afghanistan


After having presented an article on the betrayal of military dogs and their handlers, it is an enormous relief as well as a pleasure to see this video of 92 military dogs being transported back to the U.S. after their stint in Afghanistan was over.

The group of dogs being transported 7000 miles, and the logistics as well as the dedication and responsibility it has taken, is truly heart warming.

To see a group that has trained the dogs for military service honor their commitment to the dogs as sentient beings, as opposed to military equipment, gives me faith in the human race.

The sheer amount of dedication and careful planning that necessitates flying 92 dogs over 7,000 miles is nothing short of phenomenal.

This is exactly what AMK9 has done when the military dogs they had been contracted for by the U.S. government completed their overseas service. They went steps farther. Those that needed loving homes for their retirement were given them and those that were fit for duty were retrained. The kindhearted people at AMK9 stopped at nothing to ensure the dogs were properly placed.

You’ll meet many of the individual dogs in the video below, and witness the incredible moment they find their forever home. Retirement can be a hard thing for anyone, but military vets it’s an unbelievably difficult adjustment.

“Four dogs is a huge accomplishment,” says Tisha Mullen, the Logistics and Procurement Manager over at AMK9. “When you move 92? It absolutely changes the entire scope.”

Jon Wertjes, President/COO-AMK9 gives an update of the 92 K9 war heroes that AMK9 transported back to the United States after they completed contracted service work overseas. These K9s were either reassigned to new jobs or matched up with families and adopted to loving homes through Piper’s Playhouse in Anniston, Alabama.