Bulldog Is Terrified Of Walking Over Cables


It gotta be hard to be scared of something you see around the house every day. Few months back thousands of cats owners worldwide freaked their cats out with cucumbers, but it turns out dogs have their phobias as well.

This adorable English Bulldog named Mister Bentley may have his own set of bizarre fears – power cables – but his way of dealing with it is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Rather than freaking out and returning to his bed, Mister Bentley faced his fears like a man… well, “FACING” is not exactly the right word for it, but he found a way, that’s the important part, LOL.

Animals never cease to amaze us with their behavior. There are so many awesome videos online and each time animals do something funny. The world would be boring and gray without pets. Watch this video without delay to be inspired. It will cheer you up and provide the positive energy for the whole day!

This video is definitely worth watching and then watching it over and over. It will take just a few minutes and you won’t regret the time spent on it.

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