Bus station provides stray dogs new beds and a warm place to stay


As the winter is already dawning in many parts of the Southern Hemisphere, the environment is getting chillier for both humans and animals. Humans have many resources to keep themselves warm and safe, but the animals don’t. Especially stray animals who have nowhere to go. Such animals can even die of extreme cold.

A bus station in Brazil understood the situation and did something wonderful!

Employees at the Barreirinha bus terminal at Curitiba, Brazil opened their gates and hearts for such animals who are homeless and hopeless. They cared enough for them to arrange brand new beds for three homeless.

They even named the dogs Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho. Their beds were brand new, cosy and also had blankets!

Fabiane Rosa, a local politician, noticed the pups and realized what the selfless bus station employees had done. She praised their work online and even posted the pictures of the dogs cuddling in their new beds; which has, no doubt, gone viral!

Here’s a translation of what Rosa wrote on her post: “Congratulations to the terminal staff, everyone understands that these angels are there and have a right to be. So many companies in Curitiba could follow this example, adopting a pet. Of course, it is not ideal, but at least there are those who are looking after them.”

Rosa is right, the animals need us, and we must take care of them. The act of the employees at the Barreirinha is something to be inspired by. If we cannot adopt, we can at least do what we can spare.