Child Brings A Dog To The Courtroom


This dog, Carl, helps kids testify in court. A service dog is a separate group of breeds of domestic dogs of various origins, used for herding, sled (sled), guard, investigative and other types of services. These dogs have a well developed instinct of protection of the owner, his belongings at home.

The vast majority of dogs are vicious, mistrustful of strangers, well trained. Herding dogs were used mainly in livestock farms for grazing and protection from predators of herds of sheep, cattle, pigs, reindeer and spotted.

Sled dogs are sled dogs are one of the vehicles in the far North (the average load on the dog 40-50 kg, a speed run sled dogs up to 15 km/h). Guard and search dogs are used for protection of state borders, military, industrial and economic objects, search of criminals, search of minerals (as a part of exploration expeditions), and also for special (sanitary, liaison, mine and others) services in army.

Service dogs are great guides and helpers for blind people. We all know that the dog played an important role in the exploration of outer space. These animals flew into space for the first time. A dog-astronaut Star even a monument in the city of Izhevsk. Official dogs are often involved in various scientific experiments. It is thanks to dogs was open conditional and unconditional reflexes.