Cop Asks Police Dog To Go To The Car


The service German shepherd is trained to open the door of the car and close it behind him. It is very important to teach the dog to the car, so you can comfortably go all together on a trip, or just to walk in the Park or in the forest, or, if necessary, to go to the vet or to the dog show, and the dog at the same time feel comfortable.

Main Board – start to teach the puppy machine from a very young age, as soon as he appeared in your house! Than before you start, the better, the less you have will problems in further, the faster and easier dog will get used to machine. A puppy is much easier to teach to travel with than an adult dog.

When training, observe the rule of gradualism and consistency. Do not make long trips at once, do not jump to the next stage without completing the previous one.

The first trip in any case should not be associated with something unpleasant (visit to the vet, for example). When learning to travel should be associated only pleasant Association-a walk in the forest, Park, trip to the country, to friends.

To your pet was not bored on the trip – take his toys with you. Remove the flavors from the car. They can irritate the animal and lead to motion sickness. Signs of motion sickness, depression, profuse salivation, vomiting. So the dog is not rocking on the road, to accustom her to the car day-to-day trips, at least 15 minutes.