Corgi Pup Squares Off With Chicken


We’ve all heard about the horrors of animal fights and no one wants to witness such animal cruelty take place. But, what would you do if you saw a cute corgi pup and a stoic mama hen get together for an adorable play fight in the barnyard?

You might not be able to turn your eyes away from this cheeky doggy vs. hen face-off! However, you shouldn’t place your bets on a winner just yet, because there’s a last-minute contender that tries to hone in on the action.

Just like all good fights, this one starts off with a stare down. When the corgi realizes the hen isn’t going to break eye contact, he tries to surprise her with an unexpected doggy karate-paw maneuver.

This little nugget’s fighting style is certainly unique . How in the world can a furball with stubby legs be so agile?

These two little blessings are an absolute hoot to watch! You just have to see it to believe it.

This firecracker of a dog twists in the air like a tornado and tries to pounce on the hen. The short little corgi pup loves messing around, presumably trying to play.

It’s quite the smackdown in the barnyard between two unlikely contenders. But they’re awfully adorable in this hoedown showdown.

Suddenly, the duck that was hanging out in the background tries to bust up the fight. Or perhaps he’s trying to fuel the fire even further?

Whose side is this feathered guy really on? This is too funny to watch.

I bet neither the hen or the corgi thought the duck would get involved. With fur and feathers flying everywhere, their hysterical barnyard antics will leave you in stitches!

Check out the video below to how this “fight” really goes down.