Curious Bulldog Creeps Up To Herd Of Cows, Their Response To Meeting Him Will Brighten Your Day


The attention of a herd of cows attracted walking near the dog, which turned out to be too cheerful nature. Pit bulls have a very common aggression. The nature of combat is still present in many representatives of this breed. Aggression can manifest itself even then, when dog is brought up with the most childhood with cats or in other dogs.

Such a nasty character says that during walks with your pet, you need to show maximum attention and not to leave the animal unattended. If you notice that other dog I draw your pet’s attention or, on the contrary, it should immediately withdraw from the site.

Of course, the pit bull should always be on a secure leash, and the yard in which the pet will live, and spend time there, it is necessary to safely fenced.

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