Dad calls his dogs for dinner, but what they do every time before dinner? Cuteness overload!


Dogs are one of the best things in the whole world. There are, in fact, very few things that a dog can’t do. With good training, our canine partners are next to unstoppable. They can help you in your daily chores, they can assist in police and military service work, they can care for special needs people, and they even perform therapy. You can also teach them to do some awesome tricks, like this pet owner did. Just look at this clip!

The video below features two little dogs. These pooches were getting ready for dinner, but before they start, watch what they do! You are going to be amazed. Their owner has taught them to pray to God before every meal and they never forget to do so. They are named Jaisan and Jia, and they are without a doubt very well-behaved!

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