Dad Tells Bull Mastiff Its Bed Time. But The Pup Is Full Of Defiance!


In this house was a huge replenishment, not so long ago the dog gave birth to several beautiful and amazing puppies. The family could not get enough of this happiness! But the problem is, these pranksters did not want to go to bed! The man didn’t know what to do with them. But suddenly to him came a truly brilliant idea!

There are three main reasons why the dog is in a cage while traveling by car or airplane, kennel events (exhibitions, competitions, etc.) and home, where it is sent, if it is poorly behaved in the absence or even presence of the owner.

The cell you will see in the photo is suitable for the first two situations. It is safe enough for dogs and loaders. But this cage is not suitable as a home cage – it is too dark and her dog stuffy.

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