Dad tells dog he bought a kitten. Dog’s comeback is hysterical


Ever wonder what your dog is thinking when you talk to him? Especially when our pets “talk” back to us, we thoroughly enjoy our conversations. With squeaks, growls, yips and howls, dogs try their best to communicate with us.

Dr. Stanley Coren, an expert in animal communication, says that dogs can learn up to about 165 words. That’s a lot to learn in a language that for them is ESL! So what if we could learn dog-speak? In this hysterical video, Clyde and his human dad have a conversation about getting a kitten, something Clyde apparently wants very much.

When dad explains to Clyde that he went to the pet store and saw a tabby kitten, the dog gets very excited. It seems that this is not the first conversation Clyde and his dad have had about getting a little cat for the dog’s very own.

Dad draws out the story, adding details that Clyde listens and responds to with hilarious expressions. He wants dad to finish the story and get on to seeing the kitten.

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