Dad tells dogs they’re going to a park


There’s only one thing dogs love more than a car ride, and that’s going to the park. So can you imagine the thrill of taking a car ride to the park?!

In the video below, you will witness what happens when you tell 4 big dogs with bundles of energy that they’re heading to their favorite place.

When a Canadian YouTuber by the name of ‘T3‘ recorded his car journey with his dogs, he thought he would amp up their excitement by letting them know where they were going.

Took the dogs to their favorite spot for a walk and they do this every time.

Luna and her three German shorthaired pointer friends all start pining and jumping with delight.

They cannot contain their excitement when they realize where they’re heading.

This breed of dogs is known for being incredibly affectionate and active which makes them all the more excited when they head to the park.

It doesn’t take long for the 4 canine companions to learn of their fun day then all insanity kicks in.

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