Dad Tells His Dog It’s Time To Take Her Medication


The dog refuses to take medication. You will cry with laughter! Getting sick is always not the best thing to do! As soon as I present all those bitter pills, drops, ugh, the goosebumps! This dog is also not a fan of medicine, but if the doctor prescribed treatment, you need to stick to it.

This Labrador’s name is Denver, and he’s not thrilled with the ear drops the doctor gave him. See how the dog reacts to the host’s words about the necessary treatment! The dog immediately begins to grimace, turn away, stick their tongue out. That’s the face! It is impossible to look without laughter.

Despite all attempts of the dog to avoid this procedure, the host is not susceptible to the manipulations of Denver. The dog starts to show his teeth and grimacing. Not a dog, but the actor without Oscar! He’s acting like a spoiled kid. What a marvelous still can be our Pets. Of course the host will continue the treatment, because it will help to cope with the pain.

And we will wish Denver a speedy recovery and laugh heartily! The main trick is to renounce the use of force. When we force your pet, we provoke disobedience: each time a dog are less willing to obey, runs away, shows aggression or panic. No need to think about how to get the dog to eat a pill, it is much easier to teach your pet a relaxed attitude to the unpleasant process.