Dances with deer


Pit bulls usually have a very bad reputation. They are seen as very aggressive and even dangerous dogs. So many states even have legislations against them, making it illegal for people to keep the breed as pets. That is usually not true. As with any dog, a pit bull’s behavior is heavily influenced by how he is trained and treated. They can be total angels if you raise them properly.

The following video is the perfect example of this. This pit bull is nothing but a big baby! All he wants to do is play and have a really good time. He has spotted a deer on the other side of the fence, and he was totally curious about the deer. The seer seemed to sense his playful nature too. The two became instant friends, and starts playing with each other from across the fence itself!

The pit bull “chased” the deer, and they had a back and forth together. This didn’t happen just once. These two were totally in sync with each other and they matched each other’s moves quite beautifully. Both of them seemed to be enjoying each other’s company really well. Imagine going out to see your dog playing like this! The owner did a good job of capturing this precious moment!

If someone still disagrees and says pit bulls are dangerous, they should just be shown this video. They will surely change their mind after this!