Deformed Dog Is Abandoned By Family After Family, Until An Angel Teaches Him What Love Really Is


His name may have been Lucky, but sadly this pup was anything but lucky.

Lucky, who was born in a puppy mill and has a facial deformity, was abandoned by numerous owners and nobody wanted to adopt him. Despite his unusual facial structure, the dog is the same as any other loving dog.

The four-footer hopped from shelter to shelter as he was passed around different families. He was even given to families for free in the hopes of Lucky having the happy life he deserved, but sadly nothing stuck. He was neglected time and again.

Lucky lived with a family in Austin, Texas, for a while but he was forced to stay outside 24/7 due to their cats not taking kindly to him. He was tied to a tree, was barely fed and didn’t have a warm place to sleep. He certainly didn’t feel love with this harsh family.

When the family decided to move, they got rid of Lucky and left him at another animal shelter. The poor dog couldn’t catch a break.

The shelter found a family for Lucky to live with shortly after, but it wasn’t long before they too returned the pup to the shelter. It seemed that so many people couldn’t see past Lucky’s deformity to love him for the sweet dog he was.

But it took one social media post for Lucky’s fortune to change…

One day, when one of the shelter volunteers took Lucky out to get groomed, she had an idea to post a few pictures of him on social media. Knowing the power of social media, she hoped that it could help find Lucky the loving home he needed. When Jamie Hult saw the pictures online, she knew instantly that she wanted to adopt Lucky.

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