Devastated Owner Makes A Touching Promise To A Dying Pup


Few things in life are more heartbreaking than children that are forced to make their way in the world without parents.

The same holds true for members of the Animal Kingdom, as there’s no telling if they’ll be able to make it on their own in the wild.

That was the case for a group of frightened puppies who wouldn’t have the pleasure of having a mom for too long.

A horrified witness caught wind of what happened, and he went out of his way to make sure that her puppies had a fighting chance to survive.

In fact, he made that dying mamma dog a promise: her puppies would LIVE!

He would quickly get the orphans food and water, and make sure they were sheltered and safe until he could figure out what to do.

The pups grew attached to an abandoned well and seemed to feel safe there, but the man knew he had to do more for them.