Disabled Veteran Brings A Dog Home From The Shelter


Most of the time we post amateur videos, or reports featuring various animals in various funny or distressing situations. However, this one is different! This is not an amateur recording of a pet doing funny things, this is a real, professional, beautifully shot documentary about a disabled Vietnam veteran Larry and his dog Thunder. Or, as the title of the movie says, about “A Boy and His Dog”.

The film is about the life struggles of its two protagonists. Larry became disabled during the Vietnam war because of Agent Orange, and he had suffered a heart attack and many strokes. Thunder is his service dog and his best friend!

Before the pooch was united with his current family he was trained to be a hunting dog, but that didn’t go well so the previous owner abused and abandoned him. As a result of the hunting training, or should we say, as a consequence, he is now extremely afraid of any sharp noises, including, ironically, thunder noise! He is terrified of thunder.

So much so, that he can predict their arrival and he hides under the table. He’s like a weather forecast!

Thunder is a Shepherd-Husky mix. He is a 12-year-old certified therapy dog whose favorite thing in the whole white world is traveling! You have to watch this beautiful film!