Dog Is Best Friends With A Horse, How They Play Tag Together Is Downright Adorable


Dogs are very social animals. They still have the pack mentality from when they descended from wolves. That means they sometimes see other beings as members of the “pack” too. For instance, if you have a dog, he or she sees your family as the pack and you as the alpha. Sometimes he can think that he is the alpha himself, which is when you can encounter problematic behavior from him and lack of obedience.

But in general, dogs are really friendly creatures if you socialize them from an early age. They can get along with other animals beautifully. You might have seen videos of dogs being friends with everything from cats, cows, parrots and even dolphins on the internet. Nothing can resist their friendly charm and aura! If you’re still in doubt, just check out the pooch in the following video—he will convince you for sure!

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