Dog Chained Outside For Over Ten Years


Chained in the backyard for over ten years, poor Rusty was living a sad and lonely life with no glimpse of hope for the future. With the way things had been going for the past decade, he didn’t see his current situation changing, and it was very disheartening for the poor doggy. The distraught canine was on a long chain and the only freedom he could explore was how far the chain would stretch.

Unable to experience the joys in life that many dogs do, such as running freely, going on walks, human affection, or even a nice bath; this poor dog was forced to miss out on a full and happy life. Depressing, I know, but just wait. An angel is about to enter the picture.

One day a man walks by Rusty’s backyard and notices the tied-up dog. When the man calls to the dog, Rusty gets up and slowly lumbers over to the stranger. The chain is just barely long enough for the curious canine to reach where the man is standing.

When Rusty is inches away, the man sticks his hand through the chain link fence; the pup cautiously sniffs the man’s hand. Since Rusty shows no aggression, the man takes it to the next level and gently places his hand on the dog’s head, tenderly stroking it. Rusty leans into the fence, soaking up this unexpected opportunity for human affection.

Refusing to leave without this sweet fur baby, the man approaches the owner and politely asks if he can take the dog off her hands. The owner at first refuses and informs the guy that this dog is aggressive and will bite. Believing that statement to be far from the truth, the man persists. Eventually, he is able to persuade her to release the dog into his care. Right away Rusty proves the owner wrong by being a complete sweetheart to everyone around him. The man immediately takes his new pet on their first walk, gives him his first bath, and cuts the dingy collar from his neck.

From this moment forward life changes for this sweet fellow; his once sorrowful, chained-up life is gone forever. He now gets to experience daily walks, baths, and most importantly love from a family who adores him to pieces. Thanks to the guardian angel who never gave up on Rusty, the pup now has a forever home, a warm bed, and a wonderful life!