This Dog Was Found Alone, Now He Never Leaves His New Mom’s Side


Bluto’s owner reported, “He is basically like a leg tumor to me. He attaches himself to my leg, he just doesn’t leave my side no matter where I go.” Stalker might be too strong of a word for this sweet pooch, but the behaviors are quite similar.

He certainly isn’t an independent little guy, but mom doesn’t seem to mind. Especially since he came from such a sad lifestyle before he was rescued into a local shelter.

This story is a wonderful motivator for those who turn to social media to help find owners for strays. Bluto’s mom said she was scrolling her Instagram feed when she came across his adorable little face. Even though Bluto was over 12 hours away, she knew he would be worth every moment spent to get him home. She knew he would fit right in with her family!

While Bluto might not be the smartest tool in the shed, his owner is very understanding that he just really values the security she provides for him. We are so grateful that he found a forever home where he will be well-taken care of!!