Dog Gave Dog’s Treats To The Cat


Dogs are known to love their owners unconditionally. Their owners are high on their list, but the thing they love the most in the world has to be food. If you’ve ever had a dog as a pet, chances are that you know how crazy they can be when it comes to eating! I’m pretty sure they’ve even been mischievous and stolen some treats off the table over the years. The dog in the following video isn’t an exception.

This funny video shows a man talking to his dog about food. The dog keeps looking at the man with eyes brimming with hope. He wishes that all the bacon, chicken and beef that the man is talking about would somehow magically appear before him. But the man is such a big troll! He tells the dog he ate it himself and even let the cat have some! The poor dog’s reaction is worth watching—it’s too funny!

He gets so frustrated and lets out a huge whine. All his hopes were shattered right before his eyes! It might be really sad for him, but it’s funny because of the level of expectations he had kept from his owner. This pooch seems to be willing to do anything for a treat, so hearing that the cat got some but he didn’t get any must have been a heartbreaker!

Dogs are just like kids, so it is pretty fun to troll them every once in a while to catch their hilarious reactions. This man struck gold with the video. No wonder it’s been watched over a hundred million times!

Check out this funny clip below: