Dog Got A Reward For Fetching A Stick


“Budweiser” Beer is known worldwide. However, now it is difficult to say whether it is related to the qualities of the drink or touching commercials. Budweiser literally turned advertising into art. The main characters of commercials have become a huge, powerful horse breed classical. They first appeared in the company in 1933 to celebrate the repeal of prohibition, August Bush, a descendant of the concern’s founder, gave his father a red three-ton beer van, pulled by eight huge horses.

Thus was born a tradition: every year before Christmas was carry the Budweiser beer wagon through the cities of America. Now the company owns a dozen horses. They live in Missouri in a beautiful manor house built in 1885. In advertising tours horses accompany Dalmatians, which also emerge in many commercials. Animals are served by a staff of personnel.

In advertising, people play a secondary role, most often-third-party observers. In the commercials removed a large gelding bright chestnut suit with four white stockings and a white blaze. Teaches horses, dogs and other animals to the turtle Ranch trainer Robin Wiltshire.

Agree, very, very pleased to know that in the process of filming no animal not only was not injured, but also enjoyed. Horses Budweiser participated in the parade in honor of bill Clinton and visited the festival dedicated to the year of the horse in China.