Dog In The Kiddie Pool


Wearing black in the summer is hard. Black soaks up so much heat, we human know better and avoid it at all costs. But what if you can’t shed the black off your body?

Teal might have had the bad fortune to be born with black fur in this scorching season, but that didn’t stop her from having some summer fun! It looks like she has found her favorite summer activity.

The weather looks nice and warm in Moses Lake, Washington, but all Teal cares about is smacking the water in the kiddie pool! She couldn’t be happier. Her owner says that she is a very good swimmer, but she is even better at splashing. We see her kicking the water with her front paws, creating big waves and just having a blast.

She stops the splashing for a second to cool off by swimming a few laps around the tiny pool, but then stops to rest and continues with the water slapping. It’s like watching a little kid in the water for the first time. What wouldn’t we give to be with her in that water right now!

“Is she trying to dig the water? – No, I tossed a rock in there” say the two men behind the camera and that seems like a reasonable explanation for Teal’s obsession with the water. Whatever it is though, we are glad she is having so much fun with it.
Watch her splashing around in the video below!