Dog Is Tired Of Waiting In The Car


If you have a dog that likes to go on road trips, you probably recognize that excitement that follows when you ask your furry friend if he wants to go for a ride in the car. Most of the time, when I grab my purse and car keys and put on my shoes, my dogs realize that I’m going out. Preparing for the time that I’ll be gone, they spend a couple of minutes making themselves comfortable in their favorite spots. The older dog cuddles up on the corner of the sofa with her favorite pillow, while the younger pup snuggles in his bed under the window.

But all it takes a few words—”Do you want to go for a ride?”—for them to go completely bonkers. After a quick dash to the car and a couple of minutes settling in, they’re ready for the trip. Whether it’s a five minute or a five-hour drive, they’re just happy to be included in the adventure. I don’t make a habit of leaving my dogs unattended in the car, but I have left them for a few minutes (if the weather was right) to make a quick dash into a store.

The dogs in this video are apparently used to car rides and have even learned to let their owner (and everyone else) know that car rides mean that the car should be moving. Left in the car by themselves, one dog waits patiently in the back seat while the other dog takes up residence in the driver’s seat. That’s when things get hilarious—he starts honking the horn! The dog may stop the beeping for a few moments, but when his owner doesn’t show up, he resumes his insistent horn honking. Curious passers-by can’t get enough of this hilarious, impatient, road trip pup.

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