Dog Left To Die With Mouth And Legs Taped Together, Can’t Stop Wiggling His Tail After Rescue


When plumber Carlos Carillo was on his way to work one morning, his ordinary commute was interrupted by the most incredible and life changing event. He and his colleague came across an animal that was in desperate need of their help and if these two men had not come along, we shudder to think of what would have happened next.

Once they saw the dog, they reversed their vehicle immediately and they came to a shocking realization: the poor pup’s mouth was taped shut and he was also tied up. By all appearances, the animal had been left to die and while most animals would be reticent to trust humans at that point, this dog was different.

According to Carlos, he was happy for the attention and very loving as soon as he was freed from his makeshift prison. Luckily, he was no worse for the wear and the animal seemed to instinctively realize that he was receiving a well deserved second chance at living a happy and productive existence.

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