Dog Living On Train Tracks Was Extremely Frightened Of Letting Anybody Come Close To Her


Meet Tweedy. This poor Shar-Pei was forced to live on the streets of Los Angeles after she was heartlessly abandoned. Someone finally saw her and called for rescue. Hope for Paws wasted no time in rushing to help her out. Train tracks are hazardous for animals, so rescuers wanted to get Tweedy out of there as soon as possible. But they found out that saving her was going to be a lot tougher than they had initially hoped.

When Tweedy saw the rescuers approaching, she started turning away from them. It was obvious that she had been abused at the hands of humans before. She was really anxious when she saw the women. They were only trying to help, but Tweedy was scared out of her wits. They even threw some food her way, but she wasn’t interested in it either.But finally, one of them was able to slip a leash around her neck as she tried to run past her.

Tweedy started panicking the moment she noticed the leash. She was so frightened that she expected nothing but the worse. When they tried to bring the pooch back to their car, the women saw a small dog house and some food laid out nearby, meaning that someone had been feeding Tweedy.

They had no idea how long the pooch had been down on those train tracks all by herself, but the rescuers were glad that at least one kind person was trying to help her.

The alarmed dog even tried to chew through the leash when she got caught, however, she just couldn’t calm herself down.

But when they took her to the vet, she showed a bit of change. Tweedy realized that she was finally in safe hands.

“When we got her into the car after the initial uncomfortableness of the rescue, she definitely calmed down and just sat there,” Lisa Arturo, rescuer from Hope for Paws, said. “I wouldn’t say she was my best friend yet, but I was petting her paw and she didn’t move away. She didn’t look at me but she was like, ‘I’ll let her touch me.’”

The vet determined that Tweedy had a broken elbow, fractured teeth, a skin infection and an ear infection. They started treating her, and as her pain started to go away, so did her fear. Tweedy let Arturo pet and love her, however, she still had trouble bonding with anyone else. The pup had a long way for full recovery.

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