Dog Looks For Her Missing Puppies


Rescue workers from the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, USA, one day received a call that ended in a way they never could have expected.

A security guard at a supermarket called in to notify them that she had seen a skinny and sick-looking mamma dog, wandering around aimlessly in a parking lot.

Nobody seemed to know who she belonged to. But one thing was for sure: she had recently delivered puppies, and desperately wanted to be reunited with them.

But where were her pups? The rescue workers, i.e. heroes of this story, set out to find out.

In response to the security’s phone call, rescue workers from the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans promptly arrived and soon discovered the sad-looking dog.

Scared and on shaky legs, she immediately approached one of the rescue workers.

When she realized they were kind and trying to help her, she quickly led them to a nearby house.

They promptly knocked at the door. A man opened up, and informed them that the dog belonged to his roommate… who was in prison. He claimed to be taking care of her, but the rescue workers could see that that clearly wasn’t true. Meanwhile, her little pups were inside – and it was anyone’s guess what shape they were in.

The man refused to help any further and asked to be left alone. Naturally, the Villalobos Rescue Center staff brought the mamma dog back to the shelter.

After some hard work, they were granted legal permission to return to the house where the puppies were and take the dogs to the shelter, where their mother was anxiously waiting them.

The reunion between mother and puppies was naturally absolutely moving!