This Dog Meets That Fox In The Woods Every Day. You’re Going To Melt When You See What They Do! Adorable!


Every day the dog escaped into the woods. When the owner found out who she’s Dating, he was surprised. True friendship knows no bounds! We all know that true friendship knows no bounds. But friendship these two one of the most unusual. Many have watched the Disney movie “the Fox and the dog” where the Fox and hound dog become best friends. It turns out that now it is not just a fictional story!

The dog, named tiny, and a wild Fox Sosen became best friends. The tiny lives in Norway with his owner photographer Torgeir Berge, who captured their friendship on camera. The fact that the tiny dog, Sosen Fox, it seems, don’t much care for friends. They play and hug as if they knew each other forever.

Watching the tiny and Sosen, Berg became a fierce critic of the fur industry, where foxes are kept in small cages and killed for their fur.

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