Dog Picks Out His Own Treats At Store


Dogs have been known to do some pretty crazy things, but one adorable dog was caught on camera picking out his own treats! Yet, that’s not even the fun part of this amazing doggy adventure this pooch goes on.

At the start of the video, we can see a cute and well-behaved dog named Brynn obediently walk from the parking lot into a store. This black and white pooch is so well-trained, he’s even carrying his own leash as he happily jogs straight through the automatic sliding doors.

Once inside, Brynn sniffs his way to the store’s sweet spot – the doggy snack aisle! You can tell the dog is excited about something, because he’s wagging his tail like he’s gone through this routine numerous times before.

The cute pooch immediately grabs a snack from a low-lying shelf. The store must be in cahoots with this pup, because all the delicious snacks are easily within doggy-mouth reach!

After snagging his favorite treat, the very polite pooch plops it right into the hand basket. Awww, he’s such a good boy!

The couple and their dog queued up in the checkout lane, but they were not prepared for what the dog did next… It has this pair of dog owners practically rolling on the floor and laughing right along with their happy pup.

Even the cashier was having a blast with this cheeky fur ball. This is too funny!

What a smart dog! You won’t believe what he grabs on his way out of the store.

This four-legged furry friend is too funny to watch. His antics are awesome! He’s such a blessing to see in action.

His humans are right to adore this guy. Even his fellow shoppers couldn’t believe their eyes!

Watch the video below to see this clever pooch in action. He’s like a kid in a candy store, ha ha!