Dog refuses to escape from a burning house


Firefighters rushed to a house fire in Melbourne, Australia. What they found was a dire situation. The family has escaped and were safe, as was one of their dogs. But their other dog, a Jack

Russell cross named Leo, was still in the home.
The family waited anxiously for Leo to emerge from the fire, but the minutes passed, and there was no Leo. Firefighters went into the home to look for him, but couldn’t find him.

Frantically, they went from room to room until one of the firefighters saw something lying on the floor. They went over to the object only to find that it was Leo, and he was unconscious.

They picked Leo up to race him out of the house and were shocked by what they found underneath him. There on the floor were four tiny kittens! Leo had placed his body over them to keep them safe and protect them from the fire.

The firefighters scooped up Leo and the kittens and brought them outside. The kittens were not significantly harmed thank to Leo’s heroism, but Leo himself had passed out and stopped breathing. He was immediately hooked up to an oxygen machine designed for pets and given a heart massage.

After a few tense moments, Leo was revived and began breathing on his own. The kittens were treated for mild smoke inhalation, but Leo needed to be reassured of their well-being with his own eyes. Agitated, he wouldn’t calm down until the kittens were brought over to him.

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