Dog scared by fart


I could watch this 100 times and it would still be funny! «What? Who’s there? Whoever is in here, just knock it off!» This is Great!

This is the most hilarious post I’ve written all of today and I just can’t stop laughing! I’m serious, really! When you see what this puppy did to scare himself, you’re not going to believe it! I mean, I still can’t understand how, being so small, he can make such a huge sound?! This is hilarious and you’re going to laugh until your tummy hurts! So what’s this post about?

Well, it was a nice afternoon, the puppy had had his lunch and now it was time to just relax and sleep on the rug, like always. But today he might have had a little too much to eat because what happened when he was sleeping was just too hilarious! He was dreaming and barking in his dream and suddenly that bark gave way to a huge fart! And this startled him!

The say you should let sleeping dogs lie but this pup wouldn’t even let himself nap! Hilarious video of dog woken by his owners Fart. This may be the cutest thing you see all day. A dog is sleeping and he wakes himself up with his own fart. I couldn’t help but smile.

Good thing we get to watch it from behind the screen. What are your thoughts on this clip? We would love to hear from you, do write to us in the comment section below. Also please remember to share this video with your friends and relatives.

When it comes to dogs, there’s pretty much nothing that isn’t cute about them. So when this dog farted in his sleep, it was — you got it — pretty stinking adorable! While we’re normally not big fans of farting dogs, in this pup’s case, it turns out to be a hilarious combination.

Watch him startle himself awake when he lets a loud one rip, and be thankful you’re on the other side of the screen! How his owner managed to capture this moment on camera, we’ll never know. But we’re glad he did, because we’ll be watching this on repeat all day. Let the chuckles commence!