Dog Sees His Family


The dog was found five years after the disappearance. Family members were pleasantly stunned by the return of his beloved pet named Abby. However, initially, the dog did not come to the home, and appeared at the house of a man who lives just 16 miles away. He appealed to the center for animal care, which experts have identified the owner of the dog for the microchip. “It seems like part of our family is back with us.

It’s pretty cool,” said the dog’s owner Debra Sourveld. It is noted that the dog is completely healthy. According to its owners, all this time she wasn’t alone and someone cared. In addition, Abby remembers all the teams that taught her 5 years ago. Scientists have recently shown how for dogs it is important to see the face of its owner in order to learn it.

The researchers also explained why dogs prefer to look closely at their owners and what helps them follow them rather than strangers. In Animal Behavior magazine, a research group described how dogs find it difficult to recognize their “best friend” when a person closes their face. Analysis sheds light on how thousands of years of domestication and domestication of dogs influenced their behavior.

In the second part of the experiment, scientists asked people to close their faces, and then the participants were already walking around the room with paper bags on their heads. During this phase of the analysis, dogs showed significantly less attention to their owners. This showed how important it is for animals to see human faces for identification.