Dog slowly approaches child with Down’s Syndrome, how he comforts him is melting everyone’s hearts


Dogs have lived and evolved alongside humans for centuries. This has enabled them to be attuned to human emotions in a way no other animal is. They are the only species of animals that can judge a person’s mood and expressions by looking into people’s eyes, using a left gaze like humans do. Scientists have been surprised by this discovery, but dog lovers never needed any evidence to realize that their dogs can sense their feelings.

They appear to know when you’re feeling excited or sad, happy or depressed. Dogs also react based on how they sense your mood, and it’s amazing. They know what to do to cheer you up! The following video proves this point perfectly. A little boy with Down’s Syndrome was sitting in a corner, all by himself. Having a condition like that leave patients feeling isolated from the world. But he didn’t need to feel so, because he had a true friend by his side.

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