Dog Sneaks up While Baby’s Sleeping


Caring dog covers sleeping baby with a blanket! A wonderful nurse. Dogs are not only faithful friends and defenders, but also great helpers around the house. Many owners are ready to talk for hours about the best sides of their dogs and their amazing skills. But this dog is special. He’s a beautiful nanny. His ability is just amazing.

He saw that the little baby in the stroller opened up and immediately began to hide his blanket. He carefully moved the blanket on the baby. The baby was sleeping, but the dog knew that the child may freeze or Wake up.

What is surprising from the dogs! Not every nurse notices the little things, and then the dog immediately sees it! The owners must be proud of such a dog. He will be a wonderful best friend for the baby when he grows up. Kindness and caring the dog can not touch…

It will change the opinion of many about dogs and their relation to children. Stereotypes about aggression in dogs to kids will be destroyed. Everyone knows that dogs are very protective and are very good for children, especially small. This video shows the care of this pet about a baby who sleeps.

Apparently, the dog thought that he was not well enough covered, and decided to wrap the baby in a blanket. She with great concern this made. Adorable dog, and tenderness to it not to occupy.