Dog Spots Baby Deer Drowning In Lake


Time and time again, dogs prove themselves to be brave heroes who are always on hand to save the day. So when golden retriever, Storm, dashed out into the ocean suddenly, his owner, Mark, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw why.

There are many tales of dogs protecting humans but when you see them protecting their fellow animals it really is a great sight to behold. Storm and Mark were walking along the beach one day when Storm saw a fawn out in the water, struggling to stay afloat.

Instinctively, Storm jumped into action and charged into the water where he grabbed the baby deer by the collar and swam it back to shore. Once the fawn was safely on ground, the concerned dog laid it down and began to paw at and nudge the fawn, checking if it was alright.

While we don’t know how the baby deer happened to end up in the water, we do know that if it wasn’t for Storm’s heroic actions then the story could have ended a lot direr. The fawn is now in good condition and was taken to an animal shelter where it was cared for until it was healthy enough to be released back into the wild.

Needless to say, Storm’s owner Mark was very proud of him and made sure that the dog got his reward; a trip to the Doggy Bakery where he could pick out his favourite cookies. It’s a hard life being a hero…

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