Dog Suddenly Becomes Aggressive


The fact that a dog is a man’s best friend cannot be stressed enough. Dogs will always go the extra mile for the owners to ensure that they’re happy and safe, regardless of whatever the situation may be. And this is especially true for every dog who’s best friend is a little human, more commonly know as, children.

Killian the dog is an amazing example of a caring and heroic canine. He knew something was up with he new babysitter his owners hired for their son, and he took action to save baby Finn. Hope Jordan and her husband had hired Alexis Khan as their new babysitter for their toddler. But they noticed that it didn’t take long for Killian to understand that something was wrong.

So how did the parents figure out that something was definitely hard to digest with the babysitter? Killian, once a laid back dog, was getting much more aggressive as time passed, especially with Alexis. Listen to the details that Hope gives about how the family dog started to react towards the abusive babysitter.

She specifically says that apart from barking, the “hair on his neck would raise”. This pup’s actions really exude a sense of loyalty he has for his little friend.

So after noticing this change in behaviour, how did the Jordans figure out that there was something completely array about the sitter? They set up a voice recording system in their house to see if they can capture anything that the babysitter might be doing or saying, that irks the dog every time he’s around her.

And to their surprise, the things that they hear in the voice memo is beyond scary when they think that this lady was the one they trusted their toddler and family dog with.

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