Dog Swims Out Into The Ocean Every Day To Meet His Friend


If you enjoy travelling and want to see something you’ve probably never seen before, Tory Island, off the coast of Ireland, could be the place for you.

But it’s one of the residents that has become an unofficial mascot to the island. His name is Ben, a jolly little Labrador who is loved by the townsfolk. But Ben is no “ordinary” dog. In fact, his extraordinary daily routine has become a tourist attraction in itself and puts a smile on everybody’s faces.

Every morning Ben, the hotel owner’s dog. wakes up early and runs through the town to the local harbour. Labrador retrievers are bred to be water dogs as we know, but this one doesn’t go for any ordinary morning paddle.

Ben has found himself a friend named Duggie and the pair can usually be found playing together and swimming in the harbour. Duggie isn’t your average dog’s best pal. In fact… Dougie is a dolphin!

But the pair have become firm friends and enjoy their morning swims together. They’ve even managed to gather a friendly crowd who frequently head to the harbour to watch Ben and Dougie’s unlikely friendship blossom. You can watch the video below and if you enjoy as much as we did then please share!