Dog Throws A Dramatic Temper Tantrum When Mom Tells Her Its Time To Stop Swimming


Dogs are no doubt one of the most entertaining creatures in the entire world. It doesn’t matter which breed they belong to, because every antic of theirs is capable enough to melt out hearts. Similar to humans, each dog has a different personality. Some of them are blessed with the biggest personalities on earth, and the dog featured in the video below is one of them. This adorable pup is called Bella and she is here to put a smile on your face.

Bella loves playing outside – especially in the water. She loves swimming around without a care in the world. One day, her owners took her for a short swim. But when it was time to return home, Bella just didn’t come out. Her mom tries to persuade her, but the pooch disagrees with her with every fiber in her body. When she keeps on insisting, Bella goes on to throw the most dramatic temper tantrum. Her hilarious “performance” is going to leave you in stitches without a doubt.

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