Dog Tied Up Under Bathroom Sink For Weeks Is Finally Getting The Love She Deserves


After a family was evicted from their apartment, the property manager heard faint cries coming from the empty unit. The manager went in to investigate — and found a tiny dog tied up under the bathroom sink, injured and in desperate need of help.

Instead of taking the dog, later named Autumn, with them, the family had decided to leave her tied up under the sink with nothing but a bowl of Raisin Bran. The poor dog was there all alone for a week before someone found her, and she was in extreme pain from a horrific injury on her neck caused from being tied up. The property manager knew the little dog needed some extremely dedicated people to help her, and made a post on Facebook pleading for someone to take her. Luckily, Kate’s Rescue for Animals found out about her, and immediately agreed to take her in.

After driving out to get her, a volunteer with the rescue drove Autumn straight to Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital, where the staff was anxiously waiting for her. They carefully cut her collar off, and after examining her injuries, determined that they would need to perform surgery on the open wound on her neck in order to save her life.

Even though the family had only left Autumn alone for a week, the vet said that, based on her injury, it was very likely that she had been tied up for much, much longer than that.

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