Dog With Unusual Face Was Neglected Until One Woman Offered Him A True Family


It’s hard not to notice Beaux Tox the Labrador Retriever, when you see him. His face is so unusual.

Squished and wrinkled, with a squinty expression, he can’t help but stand out in a crowd.

Beaux Tox first came to Jamie Hulit’s attention when she saw his picture on Facebook after a friend posted it up saying the dog needed a foster or forever home.

Beaux Tox was living in a backyard and wasn’t getting the care he needed. Hulit immediately stepped forward and offered to take him in.

She revealed that Beaux’s unusual face was likely formed in the womb, where he developed a sunken cranium and close-set eyes.

Because of his deformity, he wasn’t kept by the breeder, but given to a family. However, Beaux didn’t get along with the other animals in the house and was relegated to the backyard.

Flash forward five years. Local rescuers had attempted to intervene, Hulit told the Dodo. But but it wasn’t until she met with Beaux’s owners that Beaux was offered a permanent home.

Hulit offered to adopt Beaux Tox outright, knowing he needed a true home and not to be fostered. “I wanted him to have stability and a place he knew was his home,” she said.

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