Doggy Parody Of Pharrell William’s “Happy”


A day at the beach is always good fun. The sun, sea and sand are instant stress busters. It’s not just humans who love it. Our pets also enjoy the beach as much as we do. The dogs and the kitty shown in the following video below love the beach, and they way they enjoy themselves on the sand is the cutest thing ever. In the clip, we get to see a bunch of dogs and a cat on a beach trip, and the result in one of the most feel-good videos around.

The only cat in the video is a cutie named Didga, who is a star online! She has been trained by her owner after she was adopted from a shelter when she was 13 weeks old. Since then, she has been accompanying her owner on adventures.

Her owner operates an off-leash training program for dogs. When his trainees graduate, he takes them on an outing. He picks up 8 to 12 dogs and takes them outdoors to places like the beach.

The video below shows moments from one of these outings. The video has been set to Pharrel William’s hit song “Happy”, and it was been perfectly synchronized! All the dogs were totally over the moon, but the most surprising thing was how even Didga the cat enjoyed swimming in the sea and running with her canine pals!

Check out the full video below: