Dogs are about to head home from daycare


Think school kids are the only ones who use the bus? Think again.

Welcome to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in Canada, where Good Hands Boarding Kennels sends many of the canine occupants of its doggy daycare and boarding facility home via a small school bus. The service is offered for dogs whose pet parents are unable to transport them to and from the facility themselves.

When Good Hands Boarding Kennels opened in 2011, its owners Rachel Haggett and Wayne Devoe decided to operate it like a school for small children. They transport the dogs (up to ten) in cages inside the bus that keep them safe and separated from each other. The dogs may even enter and exit the bus on their own once at the facility.

The doggy school bus has become an especially popular service. Many pet parents use it, whether because they have to work during the facility’s hours or don’t want to make the drive in winter conditions, which can be extra hard in Cape Breton. Some even send their dogs in with backpacks and favorite toys.

At the facility, dogs are offered a variety of activities in animal enrichment, from swimming pools, to balls, to playing fetch, to seesaws. ​

Haggett and Devoe also celebrate holidays and birthdays for their canine charges, and give them presents. ​

Some dogs even become close friends thanks to being at the day care together. It’s a howling good time.