Dogs Help Toddler Escape Her Room So She Can Give Them Snacks


It’s fair to say that Bleu and Colby have always had it made — but 15 months ago something happened that made the two lovable golden retrievers’ lives even better.
They met their new kid sister, Chloe.

Bleu and Colby’s owners, Chris Cardinal and his wife, didn’t know it at the time, but the pups would eventually transform that adorable, innocent baby into their own little partner in crime.

“Colby was immediately, ‘This is my person,'” Cardinal told The Dodo. “Bleu took some warming up. Then he realized she was capable of giving pets.”

As Chloe reached toddlerhood, however, the dogs discovered she could do more than show them affection. Turns out, this tiny human was far more generous in doling out treats on a whim than her comparatively stingy parents.

Soon, the floor beneath Chloe’s high chair became the place to be.

Bleu and Colby were clearly loving all of those illicit, unsanctioned snacks from Chloe, though they recently came to the conclusion that she was probably good for even more, and getting treats randomly wasn’t cutting it.
So, rather than wait around, they went straight to the source.

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