English Bulldog Falls in Love with Little Chickens. See This Adorable Footage


Chickens will run if they see a human approaching, but they have definitely been warming up to their friend the bulldog these past few weeks. The owners say that they were amazed when they first saw the company together. The birds were clinging to their new buddy and taking a nap by his side while the bulldog was completely undisturbed by their presence.

This is a marvelous image, and we think that it might be one of the most unusual friendships you will ever encounter in the animal world. Dogs were known to befriend cats in the past, and even the sheep could be on peaceful terms with the canines, but the chickens were never the type to come close to the Bulldogs. These animals earned their reputation due to their fearsome appearance, but in reality, this is just another stereotype that needs to be debunked.

The Bulldogs are no less threatening than other breeds, but their looks may fool you into thinking that they are always ready to attack. However, this doesn’t happen whenever the chickens are nearby, which makes us think that these cuties have befriended one another and are now enjoying the sweet cuddles.

The owners did not want to miss the scene, where the birdies come to visit the bulldog. They are going around him in circles as if trying to figure out his mood, but the pet appears to be calm and reserved. He doesn’t care about the intruders. On the contrary, the pooch seems to be actually enjoying their company.

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