English Bulldog Meets a New Puppy And It’s the Cutest Encounter!


So the person is arranged that he can’t live alone without his smaller brothers — domestic animals. He needs to be next to him who he could take care of. That is why throughout our existence, cats and dogs live side by side with us. In life there are situations in which there is one more in the house where one pet is already living.

It does not matter whether an adult is a dog or a puppy, a cat or a kitten — conflicts always arise from the moment of appearance of a new member of the family. They can be avoided if you know the secrets and rules of how to make friends with a new friend.

To introduce the dog permanently living in the house with the newly acquired puppy, you have to show her that it is a new being has a right to the neighborhood, and the owner is interested in the fact that the kid does not hurt. To this end, together with a novice bring new bowls and mat — this will show the dog that the child does not claim her belongings. Most adult dogs are loyal to puppies, and quickly lose interest in the new tenant.

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