Faithful Dog Waited For His Owner Until His Last Breath. When I Saw His Photo? Tear-Jerking!


Most people have tears in their eyes after hearing Hachiko’s story. This dog was considered to be the most loyal dog in the world.

Hachiko waited for his owner, Ueno at the Shibuya station for ten years. He used to walk his dad to the station and then wait until he came back. This went on for five years. But one day, Ueno didn’t return. Sadly, he died while he was at work. But poor Hachiko had no idea.

Hachiko kept on waiting for his dad. And not just for a day or a year but for ten long years! This loyal dog waited for Ueno at the station until his last breath. The photo below, which shows Hachiko waiting for Ueno, was taken a year before he died in 1934. I end up crying whenever I look at his heartbreaking photo.