Family Builds Dog House For Their Dogs


On summer residences or country houses dogs are rarely kept in the house. This is correct, since the animal will have the freedom of action. But, as and have human, dog has the right on its personal?????? — the booth.

In winter, the dog will hide from the cold in the doghouse, in summer from the heat, and at any time of the year from precipitation. It is very important that the booth has the correct location and the dog could observe as much space as possible.

Booth can be to purchase and in pet stores. But it will be cheaper to make a house for your favorite pet yourself. The location of the booth shall be protected from the frequent winds that the dog did not blow. Also, the booth should not be in the sun so that the dog does not overheat in the summer.

The ideal solution would be a bright spot next to the shade. To prevent the formation of a lawn under the booth and near it, the kennel put on a hill. In rainy season the constant moisture will lead to the formation of dampness in the booth that reflected badly on the health of the animal.

Dogs is very important to see and control all around, so their housing is mounted so that the angle of the yard and the house was as wide as possible. Be sure to be visible entrance gate to the site.

Otherwise, the pet will be constantly restless or find another, less comfortable place to stay. Big dogs are better to keep in a cage with a box.