Family builds dog house for their dogs


Having a pet in the house can really make things wonderful. They can add a very positive vibe to the atmosphere in the house. Cats can give wonderful company in their quiet ways, while dogs shower you with their unconditional love. The most important thing is to treat them like a part of the family and treat them with love and dignity.

Some people do not deserve to have pets. They mistreat animals and they put them through a lot of pain. Some people on the other hand, ensure that their pets are happy and are pampered too. The lucky dogs in the video below belong to some very loving owners. You are going to be wowed when you see what this owner did for his dogs!

This Alaskan man loves his furry partners and he wanted to make sure they had the best home available.

That is why he decided to set up a “Dog Mahal” for them. It was a wonderful heated dog house which he expects will last forever. He says that his dogs love it, especially the heat lamp and the insulated interior, which is perfect for cold regions. This took him around 25 hours to build from the ground up.

This family really created a masterpiece! The three dogs look really happy with their new home.

Check out this amazing video below: